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Ballymun (Baile Munna in Irish) is an area on Dublin's Northside close to Dublin Airport currently undergoing demolition and regeneration.

Located on Dublin's Northside close to Dublin Airport , it is currently best known for the Ballymun flats, a development of seven apartment towers and many smaller "step-up" blocks (i.e. no elevator). The seven towers are currently in the process of being demolished.

Historically, Ballymun was a larger area than it is now, but due to what were seen to be undesirable associations, the area has shrunk since the completion of the flats. For instance in the early days of Dublin City University, then called National Institute for Higher Education, Dublin, this institution was referred to as being in Ballymun (part of the "Ballymun Project") whilst today it is referred to and has a postal address in Glasnevin even though it has not changed location, indeed much of the present day Ballymun town center comprised of the northern site of Albert Agricultural College, the forerunner of the present-day university, Dublin City University. Despite these slightly negative associations Ballymun is in fact a thriving community with a high standard of living. New housing estates are currently being built and will most likely be bought by young aspiring businessmen as their first step on the Property ladder. The rest will be occupied by the former residents of the flats. Streets have also been renamed, for example the now Glasnevin Avenue was formerly called Ballymun Avenue. The term "Glasnevin North" also appeared to describe areas formerly part of Ballymun.

The lines "I see seven towers/But I only see one way out" in the U2 song 'Running To Stand Still' are a reference to the towers in Ballymun.

Moreover, in the U2 song 'Bad', the song and lyrical focus is on drug use in the Ballymun flats.


(Taken from Wikipedia article on Ballymun) 


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